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Top 5 Bars You Can't miss out

1. Quinary

Whether you like to shake or stir your drink, Quinary will satisfy all your preferences. Those familiar with the work of star bartender Antonio Lai will easily recognize the gorgeous and complex beverage creations he often associates with. Original and classic cocktail creation pages make up a huge menu book. Drinks have distinct flavors, such as the bitter grapefruit extract in Crystal 10, an elegant aperitif, suitable for people who like gin tonics, and Dark and Stormy Intense with extra ginger juice. For those who are adventurous, be sure to try the iconic Early Gray Caviar Martini. Earl grey air tops the martini was found on a different table with Martini filled with spherical tea beads. It may not be the "tea" that everyone likes, but it is praised for its gorgeous creativity. A selection of succulent bar snacks will encourage you to stay for a long time.

Always full of surprises, various styles of cocktails, signature cocktails are mainly designed with the concept of Chinese dishes or desserts, including hemp kernels, roast duck, jade ice roast and so on. Regardless of the appearance, ingredients, taste and sense of ceremony, they all score very high.

2. Penicillin

The founders are two Hong Kong bar legends Agung Prabowo and Roman Ghale 

PENICILLIN is the first "closed-loop" bar in Hong Kong. As its name suggests, it focuses on environmental sustainability. The store has a bar, laboratory, fermentation room and kitchen. The wine list and menu are all locally sourced foods or dishes. While continuously reducing their carbon footprint, they also rediscover local delicacies that belong to Hong Kong. Waste materials will also be recycled into reusable items such as labels and soap. Compared to sustainability, they actually pay more attention to reducing waste.

The whole store covers an area of ​​1,520 square feet. The architectural design company COLLECTIVE led by Betty Ng designed the store's appearance. The store site is located at 23 Hollywood Road, Central. The trial operation has been officially launched. Interested readers may wish to call Sora went on a pilgrimage.

3. Tell Camellia

There are many bars in Central, but Tell Camellia is different. They are located in the chic and fashionable H Code, serving tea-based drinks, including a series of cocktails named after different countries and some "teas and tonics." I drank three different drinks, "Australia", "Kenya" and "Teapresso" (Special Program for International Tea Day). Australia is like an old-fashioned twist, with Arangi Rain tea, clarified strawberries, Tim Tam and blue cheese. Although it is Tim Tam, it is not sweet and does not have the pungent taste of blue cheese, but it is interestingly complex and harmonious. Another favorite of mine is Kenya, which is based on aged rum, with Malin tea, banana wine, sweet potatoes, egg whites and honey. Although the server warned me that it would be full, I didn't find it like that at all. It has a mixture of sweet and sour and rich flavor. I especially like the sweet potato flavor that is rarely found in cocktails. Finally, Teapresso is basically an espresso martini, but uses tea and malt cocoa instead of coffee. It is a bit bitter, but very fragrant, and I really appreciate the foam with pistachio powder on it. As usual in the bar, the service is friendly and the place/ambience is casual and sophisticated. Each drink (except for the day's special) is priced at US$110, which is really reasonable in the heart of Central. Would recommend this place to everyone who likes to sip after get off work or relax with friends for a night out.

4. COA

Top 50 in Asia, which brings us to this bar. We have heard a lot about Mezcal, but it is not common in Hong Kong. It was Friday night and it was very crowded. I would say this is a very busy place. We waited a while before we were seated. The menu is well designed and pleasant to read.

The glass rimmed with salt and pepper tastes perfect. The crystal clear ice cubes are designed to cool the cocktail. I can't help but drink it because it tastes great!

If you want to try this excellent cocktail, why wait? do it

5. The Poet Bar (hidden bar)

In recent years, there have been many hidden bars hidden in dark alleys in Hong Kong. Only the insider knows these good places for wine tasting. The Poet, a new bar located on Staunton Street, is relatively unsecured. Opening the door to step into it gives the illusion of opening the inside pages of a storybook.

The interior design, which was arranged by the founder, uses bold contrasting colors of indigo and mustard yellow, soft yet distinctive, and decorated with freshly purchased flowers every week, bringing out the poet's romantic and imaginative characteristics. On the other hand, the bar adds modern materials such as steel and cement to the classic architectural structure of arcades and vertical columns, with simple lines and geometric patterns, echoing the theme of "Classic with a modern twist".

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